The meat we sell is from animals born and reared on our family farm at east Challow near Wantage. High priority is given to animal welfare and the environment.

Visits are welcome by arrangement so you can come and see how the animals are reared.

Beef – Calves are reared naturally on their mother’s milk until weaning at 9-10 months old. They are then fed on home produced fodder which has no hormones and is GM free, so that they mature slowly to ensure full flavoured beef. The carcasses are hung for 21 days to enhance flavour and tenderness.

Lamb – The majority of our sheep are zwartbles. A very striking black and white animal which originates from Holland. We also have some commercial sheep consisting of Texel, Charollais and Wiltshire Horn Ewes. Lambing takes places in April to take advantage of the spring grass to ensure the Ewes give plenty of milk for the lambs. We select some lambs for breeding stock and the rest are finished for meat.

Pork – We have 6 sows and 1 boar so produce piglets all year round. The boar is a large white and we have a mix of sows including Oxford Sandy black, Tamworth and Gloucester old spot.